Jan 102012
The XBox Live Fail Update

The Xbox Live Fall Fail Update Late last autumn there was the usual “Fall Update” to Xbox 360s connected to  Xbox Live, this year with the moniker (as is the trend these days) of the “Metro” update. I hoped to write about this when it was more topical, but I wanted to wait until I’d had a chance to try out all of the new features myself, and also the typical holiday festivities got in the way 🙂 . However […Full Story…]

Aug 162011
2k Sports... please heed our call!

Just a very quick update to throw all my support behind this video. I’ve never had the time to detail all my views on the state of videogaming football, but to explain it in a nutshell, yes I am subscribed to TheSimStandard, Ryan Moody etc on youtube, and I actually only bought an XBox 360 in the first place to play All Pro Football 2k8 – which to play I had to import both the game and the XBox from […Full Story…]

Oct 232009

I’ve managed to get my hands on a 2nd XBox 360 – finally another USA model. As I now have two different region’s 360s, and a bunch of American (NTSC-U/C) and UK (PAL) games, I’m in an ideal position to actually test what games work across country systems etc. I wanted to publish this information up for reference, since it’s really hard to come by; only a few trusted sites like play-asia.com actually seem to publish it anywhere, and because […Full Story…]

Jul 082009
To the spirit of a fighter

There’s an article forthcoming on my full thoughts on Street Fighter IV, but I think it’s a summary enough to say for now that I’m no longer playing or following the game very much at all. However as long pre-supposed here on agoners, the main reason for the excitement around SF4 was not SF4 itself, but its position as a flagbearer for the return of the 2d fighting game scene in general. And what a return it has been! 🙂 […Full Story…]