May 252016
Street Fighter V-Sync In the Lag of Time

Originally this post was going to be a lot more detailed, explaining all about “Sony Lag” and detailing all the evidence of input lag problems in Street Fighter V in general, and specifically the PS4 version. However since I started drafting the article, the whole thing has blown up so big in the fighting game scene, that almost anyone with an interest in SFV can’t have failed to hear about it. Just for the sake of it, here’s a collection of […Full Story…]

May 242013
Xbox One and done?

Naturally we’ve been following the Xbox One news closely on Agoners. Everything announced so far is barely even related to agonistic gamers’ concerns, which is a bad thing in and of itself really. As we’ve commented on before, Microsoft has been moving on a steady track away from everything agoners care about when it comes to gaming for some time now, and I wasn’t surprised to see the Xbox One become a culmination of that at all. There have been […Full Story…]

Nov 182009
Control Freak

“Been playing HL2 as I fancy going through it again. I’m enjoying it, but still find it weird on the XBOX controller. Things which are piss easy on the mouse can be a real bugger on the controller” – Navan Daughn When does a controller become part of the game? Pretty much always! However the degree to which it affects the game experience really varies wildly from case to case. I think Navan now understands some of my complaints with […Full Story…]

Oct 282009
Sticks of Joy

A lot of people ask me “Remy77077, you play fighting games a lot, what joystick should I get?”. Well okay, only a couple of people have asked me that. But since I’ve written about joysticks in the past too, I felt that this was a worthy topic for an update to the current situation. As that old article atests, I believe if you want to play fighting games properly, you do need to invest in a joystick. The situation with multi-format […Full Story…]

Aug 072009
PC vs Console

My move and settlement to Athens, Greece has finally been completed and I have some spare time to assault your eyeballs with another post regarding the PC vs Console debate. I was inspired back into the debate by the release of the news that Left 4 Dead will be getting new DLC and the PC will be getting it for free but XBOX owners will pay (XBOX:0, PC: 1). Is this fair? Is there a reason? Well it’s a big […Full Story…]

Dec 042008
The Curious Orange

Here’s my followup to my previous post about how I am getting on with The Orange Box now. I’ve finished all the ‘basic’ levels on Portal now. At first I absolutely hated it, as I do almost everything played from the irrevocably flawed FPS perspective. The fact that in an FPS every time I walk into a new area I have to manually move my tiny scope-like perspective viewpoint all around just to get an idea of my surroundings is […Full Story…]

Oct 162008
Orange.. Wednesday?

The Orange Box: Day 1. Well at the insistent urging of my colleague, friend & co-blogger lordnaff I eventually found a copy cheap enough to get. So to tie in with my ideas on time-based reviews and things that could be added to XBox Live, here’s how I got on with Orange Box after my first forays at it (3 Achievements!) for a few hours last night. Warning, this is going to be unavoidably negative in places, much moreso than […Full Story…]

Jul 152008
Defection to the Enemy Camp - Console vs PC (again)

I knew this was a bad idea to start a blog with Remy. Due to his persistent and insidious prodding I went out and bought myself a large hi-def screen and an <shame>xbox360</shame> … … … In my defense the screen is still technically a computer monitor (a highly recommended Dell UltraSharp 2707WFP 27) So throwing off the chains of prejudice that I have been swinging around my head, usual aimed at console gaming and consoler gamers (aka: baboons), I […Full Story…]

Feb 012008
Review of the Orange Box (for Remy77077)

Since Remy77077 was procrastinating about whether or not to buy the Orange Box I’ve decided to give a review of the whole zesty package. To do this properly I’d really have to review this compilation of 3 games (Half-life and episodes being counted as one) separately. So here’s my crash-course review. Half Life 2 Starting with the least compelling game in the box, Half-life 2 (including episodes): Calling this the least compelling goes to show what is in store in […Full Story…]