Aug 122010
Why I hate level up systems

As soon as I see people selling pre-levelled up characters and gear, or selling in game gold and the ilk  then I know something has gone badly wrong with a game. If a portion of a game is so bad and boring that people are willing to buy their way into not playing it, that’s a red flag for me to stay away. After Navan’s seminal videogame categorizations, it’s even clearer to explain how I generally play and judge videogame titles almost […Full Story…]

Dec 182008

Discussing such games as Lost Odyssey, Oblivion, Fable 2, and even Saints Row 2 with Navan Daughn and other friends of mine, I struck upon an idea of something that would really appeal to me. One of the problems with these kinds of games is that they are such a huge time sink, but what makes this especially bad for me is that they are also almost completely solo experiences. Now this gives many advantages in their design for story […Full Story…]

Jul 192008
"Nanan da, Anta?"

…is a taunt & win quote from Remy in Street Fighter III Third Strike. It means literally: “What are you trying to do/Why are you doing this?”. And the same thought went through my mind very late last night after spending a huge amount of time gaming. One game in particular I’d played stood out that spurred this thought: Ninja Gaiden 2. It’s a game I’d been put off even getting due to the reviews, in particular the Eurogamer review, written as it was […Full Story…]

Jan 152008

Here’s my biggest beef with today’s MMOs: I’m still not able to do half the stuff I did years and years ago in Ultima Online. & the biggest culprit for this gameplay ineptitude on the part of developers, appears to be none other than my old enemy; 3d graphics. Another genre successfully killed! Cheers Sony, you w**kers. Now don’t get me wrong, UO had some enormous flaws. But at least my character had no godd@mn LEVELS. I could easily group […Full Story…]