Aug 252010
I had an amazing time at Super Vs Battle 20-X… BUT…

Yep there’s some big buts here (& I cannot lie). Read on later for why, but first, here’s my story… 🙂 From Sharrow to Harrow Well it was a fairly late decision for me to go to SVB, and the main thing that swung it was the amount of friends & online guys that I knew would be going this year. My previous experiences of going along and only knowing a couple of people there was very different to this […Full Story…]

Nov 182009
Control Freak

“Been playing HL2 as I fancy going through it again. I’m enjoying it, but still find it weird on the XBOX controller. Things which are piss easy on the mouse can be a real bugger on the controller” – Navan Daughn When does a controller become part of the game? Pretty much always! However the degree to which it affects the game experience really varies wildly from case to case. I think Navan now understands some of my complaints with […Full Story…]

Oct 282009
Sticks of Joy

A lot of people ask me “Remy77077, you play fighting games a lot, what joystick should I get?”. Well okay, only a couple of people have asked me that. But since I’ve written about joysticks in the past too, I felt that this was a worthy topic for an update to the current situation. As that old article atests, I believe if you want to play fighting games properly, you do need to invest in a joystick. The situation with multi-format […Full Story…]

Aug 192008

In the beginning, there was the SNES pad & Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior. And things were… good. But not ideal. Only 4 face buttons was always a small issue. I developed a very odd “reach over” style to get do light-punch Sonic Booms as I had LP & LK mapped to the shoulder buttons. I still see some bad remnants of this non-ideal button layout in my gameplay even today. However, back then, the SNES pad had such a lovely d-pad, these small button […Full Story…]