Jan 112013
Yomi: A Grave Decision

When I last wrote about Yomi, I was still very new to the game, but I’d decided to buy a single online character to get me started and to help me learn to play the game. I do think this is definitely the best way to get started at online Yomi, because I feel there’s just too much going on and too much to learn if you are playing with different characters every week on the free rotation; unless of […Full Story…]

May 242011
Bullet Witch - Review

Title: Bullet Witch Format: XBox 360 Reviewer: Remy77077 Approximate Time Spent playing at time of writing: 9 hours Modes of play: Single Player, Online Leaderboards. Bullet Witch is a single player “3D action adventure” challenge title. It’s immediately and obviously comparable to Bayonetta due to it’s stylistic similarities, however Bullet Witch is the originator that was released years before it’s imitator Bayonetta, although it itself apes stylistic elements from a lot of much older material, manga and anime in particular […Full Story…]

Dec 292010
The Revealing Use of Walkthrough Guides

There are a number of ways to tell how and why people play videogames and what type of player they are – are they an Agoner – an actual gamer – playing entertainment software as actual games and challenges for the kinds of reasons we discuss here, or is it for something else? The excellent Brainhex Survey certainly proves invaluable for self analytical game-literate people, as do our videogame classifications, and of course there’s various studies into observing how people play […Full Story…]

Aug 052010
The Beautiful Game

This video encapsulates so much of what us “gamers” are trying to fight against. For a report that is supposed to be showing us the flip-side of our perceptions of gaming she still manages to start the report with: “If your parents ever told you that computer games would rot your brains” and ending with: “A career goal that might make parents around the world cringe but one that, ironically, makes his fellow Koreans very proud”. Both indicative of the prejudism […Full Story…]

Jun 132010
Is 'Splosion Man Challenging or Punishing?

First off, a quick review is in order. ‘Splosion Man is simply amazing. It’s the best single player platform game I’ve ever played, and it’s the best multi-player co-operative platform game I’ve ever played (not that there is much competition there!) at least for 2 players. To me, this is about as good as a non-competitive ‘gated’ game can get. You want some reasons why? o) Incredibly inventive level designs that build from the simple moveset to set the player up with […Full Story…]

Jan 222010
Call of War of Honoured Duty: Battlefield Defeat Sixty Four

‘Real war’ style simulations in any gaming genre generally have about as much appeal to me as a candyfloss covered turd. They might sometimes look nice from a distance, but on closer inspection I can see that the flavour is so obviously going to be wrong I really don’t want to take a bite. The lack of appeal is because despite the fact I enjoy a good bit of aggression, gore and warlike competition in my games, I’d rather have […Full Story…]

Jan 012010

The cramp in my thumb is finally subsiding and my voice returning (after shouting abuse at all the scrubby Ryus) so I can now write a little about my first forays into the competitive world of Street Fighter II HD Remix Well let me give you a quick Navan Daughn history lesson of Street Fighters. I started back in the days of yore on my trusty Sinclair Spectrum 128k. I vaguely remember playing a poorman’s Street Fighter port but chose […Full Story…]

Aug 262009
Hardcore you know the score

The keen-eyed reader may have noticed that we’ve been playing around with the summary tagline that attempts to describe this blog in a single sentence. It’s actually quite a difficult thing to pin down, as Agoners is really about an attitude to gaming and our thoughts that develop from that, coupled with a wider reach on just about any gaming-related topic that interests us. I guess the whole purpose of this blog is founded in my own constant quest to […Full Story…]

Aug 142009
This is my Brain on Brainhex

iHobo just published BrainHex, so I thought any readers of this blog would want to know and could be interested in this survey of gamer types and want to take a look at it & take the survey. My results were: Your BrainHex Class is Conqueror. Your BrainHex Sub-Class is Conqueror–Mastermind. You like defeating impossibly difficult foes, struggling until you eventually achieve victory, and beating other players as well as solving puzzles and devising strategies. According to your results, there […Full Story…]

Jul 172009
Confessions of a Whore

“If you have something to confess, do it now. Give yourself some peace“. Last night I Achievement Whored. Well, sort of, as we’ll see… however more accurately I helped out a friend by setting up his attempt to ‘glitch’ Left 4 Dead to allow him to get an Achievement that is very difficult to unlock under normal play conditions. I actually only agreed to do this, because this particular glitch would only affect him – only he’d get the Achievement, and […Full Story…]

Dec 172008
One Year of Wasted Dreams

Without intending this to become a review site at all, I did waste over 120 hours of gaming playing Lost Odyssey during the last year, so I feel it would be remiss of me to let this experience pass by without some detailed Agoner musings on it. Note, there will be some spoilers in this post, so if that bothers you, please look away now – although of course I’d love it if you’d also come back and have a […Full Story…]

Nov 242008
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to Achieve

Well, the release date is now known and even the Achievements for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix have been leaked which makes this an ideal time for me to discuss some more of my thoughts on XBox Achievements. When I first got my 360, my first reaction was “what is the point in this?”. But the more I’ve played with them though, I have come around to liking them; but only when they are actually fun. I like […Full Story…]