Jul 302013
Bastion - Review

              Format: PC Reviewer: Remy77077 Approximate Time Spent playing at time of writing: 22 hours Modes of play: Single Player, Online Leaderboards Bastion looks & sounds really pretty and it’s quite novel these days to see an action adventure game from an overhead isometric viewpoint rather than a 3D one. This gives rise to more space related gameplay as it’s much easier to judge the overall action from your overhead viewpoint & play more tactically. Controls […Full Story…]

Jun 142013
Half-Life - Review

      Format: PC Reviewer: Remy77077 Approximate Time Spent playing at time of writing: 29 hours * (* unknown exactly how much of this was active time, as I frequently left the game on pause & in the background a lot more than usual) Modes of play: Single Player I’ve written quite a bit about Half Life before, enough to practically consider it a review already. In summary, this game makes for an atrocious challenge-based game due to it’s pathetic […Full Story…]

Nov 082009
Saving Anywhere costs you Half a Life

It’s taken me almost a year, but I’ve finally completed Half Life on the PC. The reason it took me so long to play was that I only played it in my ‘spare moments’, usually late at night, far apart from my more dedicated gaming time. That wasn’t something intentional, it was because the game wholly failed to grab me at all. It was really only the non-game factors that ever piqued my interest – mainly a desire to discover […Full Story…]

Feb 112009
Got any Gears man?

The fact I have described anything even remotely close to an FPS as ‘brilliant’ and even voted it as my ‘game of the year’ for 2008, at least when forced into a small selection picklist on a few websites, is really remarkable. Obviously given a free choice of game of the year, there would be quite a few titles I’d pick over this, a large number of those talked about on this blog for example. But yes, Gears of War […Full Story…]

Dec 182008

Discussing such games as Lost Odyssey, Oblivion, Fable 2, and even Saints Row 2 with Navan Daughn and other friends of mine, I struck upon an idea of something that would really appeal to me. One of the problems with these kinds of games is that they are such a huge time sink, but what makes this especially bad for me is that they are also almost completely solo experiences. Now this gives many advantages in their design for story […Full Story…]

Dec 172008
One Year of Wasted Dreams

Without intending this to become a review site at all, I did waste over 120 hours of gaming playing Lost Odyssey during the last year, so I feel it would be remiss of me to let this experience pass by without some detailed Agoner musings on it. Note, there will be some spoilers in this post, so if that bothers you, please look away now – although of course I’d love it if you’d also come back and have a […Full Story…]

Dec 042008
The Curious Orange

Here’s my followup to my previous post about how I am getting on with The Orange Box now. I’ve finished all the ‘basic’ levels on Portal now. At first I absolutely hated it, as I do almost everything played from the irrevocably flawed FPS perspective. The fact that in an FPS every time I walk into a new area I have to manually move my tiny scope-like perspective viewpoint all around just to get an idea of my surroundings is […Full Story…]