Nov 262014
Kore ga saikyo-ryu da!

I’ve written a lot before about some of the issues I’ve had over the years when it comes to Street Fighter 4 – and these days I’d add that I really don’t like the later-discovered flaws in the engine like plinking, and I have an insane hatred of near universal defensive option selects like ‘crouch-tech’. The current incarnation, Ultra Street Fighter 4, pretty much has most of the general SF4 problems intact sadly, although the character balance feels a little better to […Full Story…]

Jun 102013
The day competitive fighting games died?

Well, the FPS genre has all but been ruined by grinding, ‘pay to win’, ‘grind to compete’, ‘free to play’ models of sales that all but kill off any way to play those games as fundamentally competitive endeavours. The MOBA genre is only just about hanging on, but the anti-competitive designs like League of Legends are cannibalising the better models in other RTS games. Now, will fighting games be dealt a KO blow themselves? Tekken Revolution Here’s the twist: you […Full Story…]

Nov 262012
XBox 360 Fighting Games - Do they have effective skill matchmaking?

While I was writing my follow-up to my previous article about competitive gaming design using case examples, I got sidetracked into a very interesting debate on David Sirlin’s Fantasy Strike forums. I’ve linked it here, in case you want to read it all, but I will attempt to summarise the major points of it here. David Sirlin (and one other poster on the site) were insistent that all Xbox 360 fighting games have functioning true-skill based matchmaking. Here’s a quote […Full Story…]

Jul 092012

Divekick may have started out as a joke at Capcom’s expense – one well needed I might add, given Capcom’s lacking attempts at balance over the years – however look what this could end up like now: A competitive game that focuses on simple reflexes, timing and mind games over “piano concerto” combo execution. Basically, exactly my kind of taste in a fighting game. If they can get some decent netplay, matchmaking & ranking systems in there, this may actually […Full Story…]

Jun 202012
Seth Killian leaves Crapcom

Another piece of news worthy of some quick Agoners comment. I’m completely unsurprised by this and I’m also rather pleased. I had a very long chat with Seth Killian or (S-kill) back at Super Vs Battle 20-X. I still have the SVB pass I got him to sign for me as an ice-breaker He confirmed that so many of my worst feelings & fears about Capcom, the Japanese games industry, and the FG scene were true – and have proven […Full Story…]

Sep 042011
Welcome to the World of Street Fighter Three

David Sirlin’s been causing controversy again where there should be none, with his excellent articles related to the SF3 Online Edition release on XBox Live & Playstation Network: The Anti-Progress Attitude What Is “A Love-Letter to the Community” For my part, I’m just sad to see the same mistakes being made over and over again by Capcom, I really do think they’re already causing another fighting game ‘death’ prematurely with their ridiculous antics. I mean, now they are seriously expecting […Full Story…]

Mar 192010
Fourts and Chaos Part 5: Super Street Fighter IV and the Counter-Counter Argument

(Continued from Part 4) Part 5: Super, and the Counter-Counter Argument An XBL friend asked me the other night if I was excited about Super Street Fighter IV, and I had to say, no, overall, not really. Finally adding lobbies and team play (which should have been in the original game) will mean I’ll definitely get it and very likely enjoy it purely because I enjoy social & co-operative play so much. If they actually completely changed the netcode to […Full Story…]

Mar 142010
Fourts and Chaos Part 4: Street Fighter IV Miscellaneous

(Continued from Part 3) Part 4: More Miscellaneous stuff I don’t like * Crummy netcode – one of my biggest problems with SFIV, since I have very few local players. I think the real reason that they use input-lag style of netcode is that it more easily hides internet latency and lag issues from ignorant people who don’t understand them. The GGPO/HDR method for dealing with lag is quite obviously far superior in a fighting game for anyone who’s played […Full Story…]

Mar 072010
Fourts and Chaos Part 3: Street Fighter IV and Defence! Defence!

(Continued from Part 2) Part 3: Defence! Defence! As many have noted elsewhere, back-dashes, blocking, run-away, zoning and general defensive play are all very strong in SFIV. When analysing my losses at SFIV online, the most common fault I could see in my own play was “I should’ve ‘just blocked’ more”. Or as I also use to say a lot when I played SFIV frequently: “Guile’s most powerful move is walking backwards” Now this might seem contradictory to my comments […Full Story…]

Feb 222010
Fourts and Chaos Part 2: Street Fighter IV and Variety, Viability and Balance

(Continued from Part 1) Part 2: Variety, Viability and Balance Street Fighter IV is often said to have really good balance between characters. It’s current tier listing shows it isn’t too bad at least as fighting games go – 53 points between top and bottom, 25 characters (2.12 per character). Although HDR’s current tier listing shows the differences there are probably even less – 26.5 points between top and bottom, 16 characters (1.66 per character), however if you remove Dan, SFIV also […Full Story…]

Feb 222010
Fourts and Chaos Part 1: Street Fighter IV and Execution

Remember how Street Fighter 2 was great because everyone could play it? Well here, at long last is where I’d like to start with some commentary on Street Fighter IV. This is Part 1 of a five part article. Part 1: Execution I feel my #1 problem with SFIV is the same issue I have with the development of most Vs Fighting games over the years; they seem to constantly try to increase execution complexity & usually at the same […Full Story…]

Jan 012010

The cramp in my thumb is finally subsiding and my voice returning (after shouting abuse at all the scrubby Ryus) so I can now write a little about my first forays into the competitive world of Street Fighter II HD Remix Well let me give you a quick Navan Daughn history lesson of Street Fighters. I started back in the days of yore on my trusty Sinclair Spectrum 128k. I vaguely remember playing a poorman’s Street Fighter port but chose […Full Story…]