Mar 252013
Blood Brothers - Review

We did not really consider gambling ‘fruit machines‘ (aka slot machines or just slots) when it came to defining the Agoners review criteria. They clearly aren’t designed to be any kind of challenge or competitive game at all. The best fit they would have to our criteria would be under the “Toy / Experience” category – for those that enjoy the thrill of betting against the odds to try to win money, or of calculating the odds correctly. Of course […Full Story…]

Nov 072012
Halo 4 lacking skill ranking

Well Halo 4 has gone one worse than Halo Reach even, and launched without any kind of skill-based ranking system, and now has a gameplay affecting grind exploitationware system too rather than a purely cosmetic one. These are absolutely horrible decisions for competitive gamers everywhere and make me wish I could go back in time to Halo 2’s release again! Reach eventually got some semblance of a working ranking system, but it was too little too late, confined to one […Full Story…]