Feb 122013
Hero Academy: Early impressions from the Academy

Asynchronous competitive multiplayer games are something I’m very interested in as they are potentially a very good fit for both my gaming tastes and lifestyle. That’s why I picked out a couple at the start of last year as titles I was keeping an eye on. Skulls of the Shogun has recently been released, but I haven’t yet tried it out, but for Hero Academy, the time is now, as you can see from my raptr stats I’ve played it […Full Story…]

Jul 032012
Possibly interesting competitive games - SpyParty, Hero Academy, Skulls of the Shogun

Here’s a quick note of a few new competitive games to go on the Agoners radar that I’ve picked out of all the news (and noise!) around. SpyParty is an asymmetric multiplayer espionage game that could certainly be interesting. I’ve come across it before a few times and read a few articles by it’s designer but this update about it doing a part of it’s beta test at EVO got my attention again. Hero Academy sounds like it could actually […Full Story…]