Jan 152009

bruno-aleixo-11 Busty

I have a post in the making regarding my recent recognition of my fiero in the playing of Street Fighter II HDR. Until it’s done (there’s too much to talk about and I don’t want to bore you, so it’s taking longer than I expected) I have this little gem for you. It is Remy’s find, so I give the credit to him for finding the most amazing piece of film footage I have ever seen
…in my life

Please vote for this at the next Oscars, Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards  for “Best Film Evar!”

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  1. Capcom Unity deserve the praise for finding this really I think 😉

    I also would like to note that this “version” of Scatman is the official Team Shitty Hitty & Team Shitty Hitty theme song now.

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