Aug 022012

Guild Wars 2I completely missed out on playing Guild Wars the first, because I thought it was just another MMO. Years afterwards when I got more into PC gaming I discovered it actually had a potentially decent competitive game hidden underneath the BS grinding veneer. So Guild Wars 2 is definitely on my agoners radar this time around.

Although I missed out on any beta access, this latest update on the game really is saying all the right things for agoners:

We want new players to come into the community and be able to focus on learning the game, not grinding in an effort to “prepare to have fun.” We want you having fun as soon as possible in PvP! We offer aesthetic rewards, but never power rewards. You will never be at a statistical disadvantage when playing PvP—if anything, being a new player will get even easier down the road as we add more features.

More interesting stuff on this video:

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