Jun 302017
Gfinity Street Fighter V Challenger Series - Friday 30th June 2017

I entered another one of these online events this week, and sadly it turned out to be a bit of a wash out, as there were many no shows due to the event being rescheduled from Tuesday – when it couldn’t go ahead thanks to Capcom’s ridiculously awful server management. Because of this, I got Byes all the way to the Finals. However this best of 3 set was against a far higher ranked Dhalsim player – a character I’ve […Full Story…]

Jun 272017
Gfinity Street Fighter V Challenger Series

I’ve decided to try and enter at least a few of the tournaments in this series: Gfinity Street Fighter V Challenger Series. It’s not super high-level stuff, but it’s fun and open to everyone (I think EU/UK focused though), and most importantly for me, they are on weekdays when I am actually likely to be available. I would’ve liked to have entered more tournaments this SFV season, but almost all of them – including every single one of the online […Full Story…]

Feb 022017
Team Shitty Hitty on V-League

If you pay attention to the side bar over there on Agoners -> you’ll have noticed I’ve been putting up a link to my Street Fighter V stats for a while now, which directs you to my profile on the excellent V-League website. What’s amazing about this site is how far ahead of Capcom they are in every manner, within Street Fighter V in-game, it doesn’t show you anything as good or as useful as this site… it’s kind of great […Full Story…]

Oct 172013
Steel Boots 2 - Sheffield Divekick Tournament

Well the first Steel Boots tournament was a lot of fun, and this time we doubled the players! Here’s the results 🙂 The tournament format was Double Elmination, best of 3 matches, loser can change character (& gem) after each match loss.   Remy77077 played as: Dr Shoals, Kenny, S-Kill, Markman & The Baz Navan Daughn played as: Redacted, The Baz id0ru played as: Kick ineedleladybra played as: S-Kill FieryBiscuit8 played as: Dr Shoals Kimble played as: Kung Pao The […Full Story…]

Mar 122011
The best European SF2 HDR players

I normally stay out of this kind of thing, but a lot of it goes on over at the SRK forums, and I thought I’d share it here too. This is my current opinion of who is the best with each character in Europe at SSF2T HD Remix. Note this is not an online list, and is not just XBL – in fact I count offline tournament performance much more than online… but I do take online into account, especially […Full Story…]

Nov 042010
Vs Fighting Report – and an SVB follow up

Fighting game tournament season was in full swing in the UK this year. For the first time in, I think, ever, there was a second big event to go to in one year for fighting game fans. This event was organised by Electronic Dojo in Birmingham in the centre of England – the fantastically named Vs Fighting. You’ll notice that this event was over a month ago, but sadly it coincided with me being especially busy right after it (NFL football, […Full Story…]

Oct 262010
Starcraft 2 - MLG Washington D.C. Vods

My Starcraft II obsession is continuing unabated and in my rummaging for more information and my interest in how the SC2 release might finally bring E-Sports into the limelight, I’ve been looking to watch the live events at tournaments such as MLG, Intel Extreme Masters at Gamescon, Blizcon, Korean GSL on GomTV, etc. You can imagine my frustration with not being able to find any videos on demand! Nearly all of the websites for these tournaments are horrendously designed and […Full Story…]

Aug 252010
I had an amazing time at Super Vs Battle 20-X… BUT…

Yep there’s some big buts here (& I cannot lie). Read on later for why, but first, here’s my story… 🙂 From Sharrow to Harrow Well it was a fairly late decision for me to go to SVB, and the main thing that swung it was the amount of friends & online guys that I knew would be going this year. My previous experiences of going along and only knowing a couple of people there was very different to this […Full Story…]

Sep 172009
Technical KO

or.. “how I placed somewhere between 3rd & 46th at Super Vs Battle 09” Sorry no snappy titles for once! :P.. unless you want to count “I wuz robbed?” 😉 Despite getting blown up in HDR casuals before the tournament, I settled down and ended up going 5-1 in my group. I was really amazed I’d managed to do this well, as I was really thinking the competition would be way too good for me at SVB. There were about […Full Story…]