Feb 222010
Fourts and Chaos Part 1: Street Fighter IV and Execution

Remember how Street Fighter 2 was great because everyone could play it? Well here, at long last is where I’d like to start with some commentary on Street Fighter IV. This is Part 1 of a five part article. Part 1: Execution I feel my #1 problem with SFIV is the same issue I have with the development of most Vs Fighting games over the years; they seem to constantly try to increase execution complexity & usually at the same […Full Story…]

Nov 112009
Balancing Match

Earlier I looked at the concept I attempted to coin ‘Versus Flow‘ in video games. Here’s my continued thoughts on that & how to improve things. Don’t Give Up, Challenge Again So what can you do to try to fix the matchmaking? Well, much like getting good at anything; the first step is to at least try! Flawed as they are, at least SF4 and Halolz are starting along the right track, it’s just that overall it’s taking videogames a […Full Story…]

Oct 092009
Versus Flow

“In theory I love playing online with people on Versus but I get frustrated because I suck so badly at it, with my reaction time, that I just die constantly, and after a while of no joy whatsoever, it loses it’s fun factor.” -DeeGruenEinzige The game designer’s job of setting the right difficulty and challenge level when it comes to the technical execution required to play a game (as previously discussed here) and the overall “solo” experience in a game […Full Story…]

Sep 302009
Challenge me Angel!

Do you really want to mess with me punk? Well, do ya? Despite how I describe myself as being a fiero-seeking nutjob sometimes the challenge just seems too much, or too far away from my core interest in a game, even for me. For example, as part of my practice for Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, I’ve watched youtube videos of the best players in the world fighting with DeeJay & read about them and even from them on forums […Full Story…]