Jun 302017
Gfinity Street Fighter V Challenger Series - Friday 30th June 2017

I entered another one of these online events this week, and sadly it turned out to be a bit of a wash out, as there were many no shows due to the event being rescheduled from Tuesday – when it couldn’t go ahead thanks to Capcom’s ridiculously awful server management. Because of this, I got Byes all the way to the Finals. However this best of 3 set was against a far higher ranked Dhalsim player – a character I’ve […Full Story…]

Jun 272017
Gfinity Street Fighter V Challenger Series

I’ve decided to try and enter at least a few of the tournaments in this series: Gfinity Street Fighter V Challenger Series. It’s not super high-level stuff, but it’s fun and open to everyone (I think EU/UK focused though), and most importantly for me, they are on weekdays when I am actually likely to be available. I would’ve liked to have entered more tournaments this SFV season, but almost all of them – including every single one of the online […Full Story…]

May 182017
Otaking77077 Street Fighter Animation Stream

Agoners’ Remy77077 joined our good friend Otaking77077’s animation shading live stream last week to talk about his work, Street Fighter, video games, anime, the number 77077, and lot’s of Dictator stuff in general. You can watch the full “replay” of it here, along with some great edits and visual updates that Otaking has added to illustrate what we’re talking about:   It was a very good laugh despite being recorded in the middle of the night in UK time which […Full Story…]

Apr 212017
That feeling when the streamer gets streamed!

After doing a load of test streams myself and of course posting videos and related articles here, I had a very strange experience earlier this week, when I finished a match of SFV online and then saw that my opponent had the title “Streamer” set. “Hmmm” I thought, and I wondered if they were actually streaming right now and had streamed the rather good match we’d just had… A quick skoot around twitch and I discovered indeed they were! So I […Full Story…]

Mar 042017
Street Fighter V Season 2 - The Best Bipson Months?

Street Fighter V got it’s big season 2 patch and whilst things are still terribly disappointing in the overall shape of the game as an application (or ‘service’ if you prefer), the actual decent gameplay has improved even further for my personal taste. Whilst the neutering of invincible reversals was a bit of an odd one, it’s lead to better overall balance IMO. And in particular the improvements to Dictator have led to me enjoying SFV quite a bit more, […Full Story…]

Feb 072017
Akuma players...

The video says it all really. This guy was a good player but this was our 3rd match and we were 1 all before the start of this. Judge for yourself the typical mentality of a Gouki player… Oh dear. Oh very dear me…

Feb 022017
Team Shitty Hitty on V-League

If you pay attention to the side bar over there on Agoners -> you’ll have noticed I’ve been putting up a link to my Street Fighter V stats for a while now, which directs you to my profile on the excellent V-League website. What’s amazing about this site is how far ahead of Capcom they are in every manner, within Street Fighter V in-game, it doesn’t show you anything as good or as useful as this site… it’s kind of great […Full Story…]

Jan 032017
Why Ranked modes in Team-based videogames are doing it wrong

Many videogames that are really popular these days are team-based online competitive games – Call of Duty, Halo, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, and on and on. What astounds me though to this day is how little “TEAM” these games generally manage to inject into their team game modes. Oh sure, you know you’re a member of Red in a game of Red Vs Blue, you might even talk to your teammates and help and co-operate with […Full Story…]

Nov 302016
Street Fighter V - the character crisis months

If you remember my last replay round-up from my SFV games, I thought I was going to main Guile once he got released, and well… I tried. Sadly, he plays very little like the Guile I know and love from the SFII series, or even SFIV. Yes he can play an “SF2 style” zoner and that’s exactly how I try to use him, but now he’s also turned into a big combo character, which I can’t do at all. To […Full Story…]

Oct 152016
Three Magical Arcade Cabinets

The other day on facebook my friend Marc challenged me with this question: RIGHT. You find yourself stranded on a desert island, there’s food and shelter enough to last you years and THREE MAGICAL ARCADE CABINETS that will permanently take the shape of any arcade cabinet you desire and have magical perfect multiplayer net code (but no voice chat, obviously), which three arcade games would you choose to play for years and years? I decided to give this more thought […Full Story…]

May 252016
Street Fighter V-Sync In the Lag of Time

Originally this post was going to be a lot more detailed, explaining all about “Sony Lag” and detailing all the evidence of input lag problems in Street Fighter V in general, and specifically the PS4 version. However since I started drafting the article, the whole thing has blown up so big in the fighting game scene, that almost anyone with an interest in SFV can’t have failed to hear about it. Just for the sake of it, here’s a collection of […Full Story…]