May 052015
Competitive Gaming Round-Up

A few interesting tidbits have been around lately of interest to agoners. The biggest one is the excellent competitive card game Yomi finally coming to Steam on May 8th. Whilst I’ve played this game tons already in it’s web version and it’s physical form, this is still a huge deal as it will have much more visibility and appeal on the Steam platform which should expand the player pool no end. The Yomi team have done an absolutely incredible job […Full Story…]

Feb 062015
Do Something! with Dan Hibiki

Do Something! Well, I did. With Dan, of course. First up is an long battle vs a fairly typical run-away-ish Gouken player. A pretty even fight until I unleashed the secrets of Saikyo-ryu. This guy has actually beaten me a few times too. What an incredible finish – why oh why did he throw that fireball at the end though? There was no need to take that risk of getting an Ohgi to the face… “That’s so Pete Carroll”!   […Full Story…]

Dec 152014
Back for more Dantics!

(For how this all got started, read here) Omatase shimashita saikyo fans! I’ve still been playing Dan whenever I’ve been on USF4 lately. But I hadn’t had any especially good matches for a while that were post-worthy. As my ranking’s been rising I’ve been having some really close fought battles and I’ve been edging closer to a 50:50 win rate. Whilst I’ve had some really good games in the past few weeks, they weren’t anything especially fun to upload and […Full Story…]

Nov 262014
Kore ga saikyo-ryu da!

I’ve written a lot before about some of the issues I’ve had over the years when it comes to Street Fighter 4 – and these days I’d add that I really don’t like the later-discovered flaws in the engine like plinking, and I have an insane hatred of near universal defensive option selects like ‘crouch-tech’. The current incarnation, Ultra Street Fighter 4, pretty much has most of the general SF4 problems intact sadly, although the character balance feels a little better to […Full Story…]

Oct 172013
Steel Boots 2 - Sheffield Divekick Tournament

Well the first Steel Boots tournament was a lot of fun, and this time we doubled the players! Here’s the results The tournament format was Double Elmination, best of 3 matches, loser can change character (& gem) after each match loss.   Remy77077 played as: Dr Shoals, Kenny, S-Kill, Markman & The Baz Navan Daughn played as: Redacted, The Baz id0ru played as: Kick ineedleladybra played as: S-Kill FieryBiscuit8 played as: Dr Shoals Kimble played as: Kung Pao The turning […Full Story…]

Jul 302013
Bastion - Review

              Format: PC Reviewer: Remy77077 Approximate Time Spent playing at time of writing: 22 hours Modes of play: Single Player, Online Leaderboards Bastion looks & sounds really pretty and it’s quite novel these days to see an action adventure game from an overhead isometric viewpoint rather than a 3D one. This gives rise to more space related gameplay as it’s much easier to judge the overall action from your overhead viewpoint & play more tactically. Controls […Full Story…]

Jul 252013
Apple Jack 2 - Review

              Format: Xbox Live Indie Games Reviewer: Remy77077 Approximate Time Spent playing at time of writing: 19 hours Modes of play: Single Player Apple Jack 2 is basically another 61 levels of Apple Jack. So there’s not too much to add to my previous review of that as it really is more of the same. Jack still comes with an immensely appley head, the levels are still incredibly varied and fun and the challenge levels […Full Story…]

Jul 242013
Lane Pushers vs MOBAs

The term ‘MOBA’ is one that’s really bugged me recently as I’ve begun trying out a few, what I call, ‘Lane Pusher’ games. MOBA supposedly means “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena” – which to me sounds like it would mean anything where there were two teams of more than 1 a side, all battling online in some kind of arena manner so all players can fight all other players. So this term would apply to many games like team based first […Full Story…]

Jul 232013
Apple Jack - Review

              Format: Xbox Live Indie Games Reviewer: Remy77077 Approximate Time Spent playing at time of writing: 36 hours Modes of play: Single Player Apple Jack is a fantastic platform game with great puzzle elements. It’s emphasis varies greatly from level to level, however it’s generally more on the platforming ‘execution’ side than the puzzle solving, but both feel significant. As a gameplay blend and as a challenge, this is a really fantastic title that hits a […Full Story…]

Jun 282013
Half-Life 2 - Review

      Format: PC Reviewer: Remy77077 Approximate Time Spent playing at time of writing: 30 hours * (* unknown exactly how much of this was active time, as I frequently left the game on pause & in the background a lot more than usual) Modes of play: Single Player Half-Life 2 has all the flaws of Half-Life and it’s atrocious blend of appalling save system with boring skill-tests. However it’s now lost the only good thing going for Half-Life now, as […Full Story…]

Jun 182013
Xboned!? Why?

A lot of people are wondering ‘why‘ when it comes to all the many mis-steps Microsoft have taken with their Xbone release announcements. Here’s my brief take on it. In my opinion they are living in ‘2 years ago’ land when they probably started spec’ing and finalising their next-box ideas. They also believed their own conclusions from their own data too strongly and made the wrong conclusions about what that meant going forward. One point of anecdotal evidence I have […Full Story…]